Calvary United Methodist Church of San Jose
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About us

Fullfilling the dreams of our founders, we continue to reach out to support connectional community programs that share the message of hope and new life

Calvary History

Come, stand at the corner of Morse and Naglee Streets in San Jose, and see the classic sanctuary that is Calvary United Methodist Church. Climb a few steps and open the tall, weather beaten doors and step inside. You are in Calvary’s sanctuaryRead More

Calvary Today

Today our congregation has a hundred active households. Where a Quaker mustard field once stood, this sanctuary, with its beautiful stained glass windows and woodwork, houses worship services that are both traditional and contemporary, and we continue to be inspired by.. Read More 

Our Beliefs 

“Through the work of Redemption, Jesus Christ came to restore our fallen relationship with God and with the creation, and to bring “wholeness” in life through “abundant life” in God (John 10:10), not just for humans, but to all creation (Romans 8:22-23).. Read More 

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